Welcome to the NZ Versatile Hunting Dog Test Assn!

Breeds include Brittany, Fousek, GSP, GWP, Munsterlander’s, Spinoni, Vizsla, Weimaraner &other European versatile breeds that may be imported into NZ.

A truly versatile hunting dog is one that is in control of its temperament.

This dog can adjust its range to the conditions, working close to the handler among the trees or thick cover, casting further out in the open fields, climbing high up the hillsides in search of game. This dog does not run madly about and need an hours work to settle. This dog has the ability to range head high searching the wind, or track slow and carefully an old blood trail. This dog can change gears, moving fast one minute than pulling itself in to cautiously follow the track of a creeping pheasant.

The truly versatile dog should know to do this without command.

The versatile hunting dog can retrieve from land and water, but it is not specialist retriever. The versatile hunting dog is a pointer, but not a specialist pointer, they also flush on command. The versatile hunting dog is part bird dog, part water retriever, part tracker.

Versatile Hunting Dog Test

Not only that, the versatile hunting dog is a trustworthy, calm, family companion.

One breed of versatile hunting dog is not necessarily better than the other; they are different, they were developed from different sources, from different breed combinations. Some have more dash, more independence; some are more cautious hunters, more dependant; some are better pointers whilst others are better trackers or retrievers. But they all do a good to passable job in all things required.

Only through testing can the hereditary attributes of parents and progeny be ascertained and sound planned choices made toward breed improvement.

In New Zealand we have not had that opportunity. With testing a record of each dogs hunting qualities is obtained; search, nose, pointing, tracking, water love, attitude, cooperation, coat, temperament, conformation and in older dogs retrieving and obedience.

The VHD Test Assn (NZ) is for improvement of breeding hunting dogs. It is not about dog sport, it is a non competitive test Association for working versatile gundogs.

If you enjoy hunting and have a love for all versatile breeds of gundogs you are invited to join. Convener

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