Natural Ability & Intermediate Test Entry Form

 Pups  6 - 16months of age.  Test:  Natural Ability .........(tick)ODT........(tick)
 Dogs 16 - 30 months of age Test:
  Intermediate .........(tick) ODT........(tick)

Dogs older (ODT) may be entered for evaluation only but are not eligible for any prize classification.
Don't forget to bring your puppies favourite dummy for the water test.

              ENTRY FEE $35 PER DOG  (this includes $10 membership if not financial)

                                 Date of Test: Sunday 30th April 2017
    Entries close 17th April - entry forms must be filled in & signed.
Sth End of Lake Lyndon, Porters Pass.  90k West of Chch.
Start time: Assemble 9am sharp!  Saturday training day, assemble 10am.  Accomodation avail.
Castle Hill. Bring own food, bedding etc.  Contact - about acc. & training day
Bring sheep measles dosing Cert. if staying at Castle Hill.

 NZKC Name of Dog:  _________________________________________

Date of Birth  _______________      Breed:________________________

Bred by: _______________________________        Sex:_____________

NZKC Reg No. __________________________VHDTA Member YES/ Subs inc.


Address: __________________________________________________

'Phone____________________(home)  _______ _____________(Cell)

Email:   ____________________________FISH &GAME LICENCE HOLDER  YES/NO

For entry to be complete and accepted the following statement & disclaimer must be signed
by the dog's owner(s)
I agree to abide by the Constitution and Test Rules and Regulations of the Versatile Hunting Dog
Test Assn (NZ). I am financial member VHDTA(NZ). By participating in a test conducted by the
VHDTA (NZ) I am accepting the risk of injury to myself or my dog that may result from field
conditions. Please be alert to field conditions including fences, holes, stumps, rocks, and nearby roads.

Signed: _________________________________________________

 Entry to be sent with form to: VHDTA (NZ),  Ms M. Cotton. 122 Emano St, Nelson 7010
Payable by Direct Credit to ANZ  01 0702 0105851 00.  Please make sure your name
and test is clearly shown.  
Test Captain: To be advised.
Test informtion can be obtained in members ssection at site or on request
Joining form at site.  Subscription $10